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IFFE Biotech

Biotechnology applied to the production of Omega 3

About us

About us

IFFE Biotech is a biotechnology company dedicated to the research, development and production of Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA / EPA), in Triglycerides RBD, Ethyl ester AC, Triglycerides AC and Phospholipids formats. The Company is developing its first production facility in As Somozas (Comarca de Ferrol, Spain), and is in the process of completing the build with the engineering and design phases already finished. In 2016, the management team of IFFE Biotech initiated negotiations with the main agents involved in the new project (employees, suppliers and customers).

80 % Execution of Facilities
100 % of Laboratory Operation
2021 Start of Production
32 People in the Project


The Company is executing the final stages of building its production facility, which is located in the Business Park of As Somozas, 33 km. Ferrol Port (Spain), which is communicated by motorway. The plot on which the complex is situated, spans 28,800 m2.

External Laboratory

Building that houses the laboratory

Outdoor Panoramic View

View of the facilities

Indoor laboratory

Laboratory equipment

Outdoor Facilities

Vats and storage tanks

Aerial View

Aerial view of the facilities


Emergency Engine


End product storage area


Zone enabled for administrative tasks

What do we do?

We produce and supply high quality Omega 3 (EPA / DHA) products, satisfying the needs and demands of different markets (consumers), both current and future. Our commitment to innovation optimizes the industrial processes and develops new products with high added value with the main objective of promoting, preserving, protecting or improving human health.

Some Benefits of Omega 3 EPA / DHA


Contributes to the maintaining normal levels of Triglycerides in blood.


Contributes to the normal functioning of the heart.

Blood Pressure

They contribute to maintaining a normal blood pressure.


It contributes to the maintaining of normal vision in adults, and to visual development during pregnancy, lactation, and in children up to 12 years of age.


It contributes to an adequate cognitive development during the gestation, lactation and growth of children throughout adulthood, and in the elderly.

Pregnancy and Childhood

It contributes to prenatal development, breastfeeding and early childhood.

Productive Process

Contact us

Campus IFFE
Spain (A Coruña)

+34 981654772

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